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 Technology iReport

What's Happening in Kindergarten-2nd Grade?



Technology Schedule
Tuesday & Friday- Period 1 - K12
Wednesday - Period 1 - K11


1st Grade
Technology Schedule
Monday - Period 2 - 101
Tuesday - Period 2 - 102
Wednesday - Period 2 - 092
Tuesday/Wednesday - Period 2 - 191


2nd Grade
Technology Schedule
Monday - Period 2 - 201
Wednesday - Period 3 - 292

What Resources Are K-2 Using?

All Kindergarten , 1st and 2nd grade students have been given a FREE ABC Mouse and Raz Kids accounts. Students are assigned activities that they can do at home in ABCMouse.





We use Raz kids to develop and strengthen students'  fluency and reading comprehension.  Please encourage your child to log on at home and complete their activities in both accounts. Students who level up in reading by the end of the month in Raz Kids will be rewarded.


iReady is an online program to support students in  ELA/Math in Grades K-5.  Students were given a diagnostic test to determine their level in ELA and Math.  iReady uses the results from their diagnostic test to send students customized lessons based on their individual needs. is a Computer Science website that students in K-2 are using to teach students how to be computational thinkers.  Students will be learning the following Computer Science Concepts:




Students in 1st and 2nd grade will be learning how to type using correct finger positions. Students are encouraged to practice their touch typing skills using their account.  The 1st grade typing goal is type at least 6 WPM and the 2nd grade typing goal is to type 10 WPM (words per minute) with 98% accuracy.

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Below are Digital Citizenship topics that will be taught to ensure that students are great Digital Citizens.

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